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Business Owners

Business Services

We understand the pressures and continued changing environment today's owners, CEOs, CFOs, and risk managers face.  More importantly, we know how to help businesses and the people who run them.  We have worked with businesses in a variety of of industries assisting them with all types of financial opportunities including:

  • Employee Benefit Packages
  • Insuring Key Executives, including Golden Handcuffs
  • Managing 401(k) and other Retirement Plans
  • Identifying and Address Risk Associated with your Business
  • Succession Planning, whether family or other party
  • Tax Planning and Cash Flow Management

We approach the opportunities with a process, not just products.  The emphasis is on what is particular important to the business at this time in it's life cycle.

Entrepreneurial Services

We have helped businesses start, from taking a great idea, a passion, a new trend, or a need not being met to fully operating organization.  We have assisted clients with:

  • Understanding Organizational Structure
  • Understanding Tax Consequence
  • Identifying Opportunities & Risk
  • Networking
  • Managing Cash Flow

All important functions to a new starting business, we will help prioritize the projects while the new business is getting up and running.